1st Essential Driving School Portsmouth

1st Essential Driving School - Pass Plus

The Pass Plus Course consists of six practical modules that help you learn the skills to deal with them safely they cover:

  • Town Driving
    Driving in town can be daunting: rush hour traffic, complicated junctions and traffic systems
  • All weather driving
    Rain, fog, bright sunshine, snow and ice.
  • Driving out of town
    Country roads can harbour all kinds of hazards, from potholes and sharp bends to animals on the road and farm vehicles.

  • Night driving
    Dealing with dazzle, judging distance and speed, using your lights correctly.

  • Driving on dual carriageways
    To drive safely on fast, multi-lane roads, using observation, concentration, anticipation and lane discipline.

  • Driving on motorways
    Learn to drive on them safely and correctly.

There is no test at the end – your driving will be continually assessed and you must successfully complete all the six modules to an achieve or exceed standard. If a module can’t be done on the road it will be covered in a theory session.

Pass Plus results- As an indication of the effectiveness of the scheme, recent survey carried out for the DVSA showed that 93% of people who had taken Pass Plus felt more confident on the road, and 80% considered that their driving skills had improved as a result of taking the course.

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